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Fitness Inspiration – CLICK TO CHECK IT!

There is something I want to show you.

A lot of people ask me about how I can stay so motivated all the time, how is that I can convince myself everyday to go to the gym, and apart from my love of sports and workouts and the habit, this is what keeps me going: Pinterest!

In case there’s anybody who’s not familiar with the name, I’ll explain briefly: this is a site, where you can create boards of different categories and can collect images and videos from all around the web. Be careful, it’s really addictive, haha. But still I find it amazingly useful, especially in the case of health and fitness. I can find not only dozens of motivational pictures and quotes but a bunch of good workouts, healthy recipes and tipps which make my life so much easier and varied, colourful.

It helps you to learn a lot, which is the base of everything. If you start working out but you don’t know what and how you should do it, you might just be wasting your time and you can even get injured from not doing it right. So look it up, Pinterest can help a lot, and read all about it and do it right!

Check my Fitness Inspiration board for some motivational pictures, just to see what keeps me going day by day!


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