International Relations, Chinese and fitness

About a month ago I was at the weekly meeting of the association I attend -more about that later-, and when the president mentioned that it’d be great if someone blogged about our meetings and how we spend our spare time together I started thinking. First I wanted to be the one who writed that blog, but then I realised that I actually want to write my own blog. A while ago I used to write a diary but I don’t do it anymore though I still have a lot of thoughts I’d like to write about, I need to write about, so I decided to start this blog.

My main goal of writing is actually that I’d like to get to know myself as well and decide what I want in life. Because now my life builds aroung three main things, which are…

International Relations. This is my major at the university, and I really find it intriguing. I’d love to be a diplomat one day, or work at such organisations like the United Nations, the IAEA or even the NATO. I really am enthusiastic so I try to participate in as many programs and activities in the field as I can, I attend CENS lectures at the CEU, and I am a member of a Model United Nations Students Association, but still… I am a little bit afraid, that I won’t have enough good… connections, contacts, to get a kinda job I really want to get. And even though I got great marks in the first semester, I feel like that I cannot concentrate on my major enough. There are a bunch of lectures I can’t attend and I don’t really know how much this will affect my professional progress… And the reason for that is basically…

Chinese. I restarted learning this language and this is my minor now, but it is really time consuming. I love learning the language and I am even applying for a scholarship to Taiwan for one year to improve my command of this language, but this is why I can’t focus on IR with a 100%. Everybody tells me that nowadays it is a wise investment and that I can get far with it, and I do feel like it is worth it, but I haven’t manage to figure out yet, how I could, should and want to make a balance between these two fiels. The best option would be to combine IR and Chinese somehow, I just have no idea about the how. Yet. And the third thing is…

Fitness. I am really into this topic right now. I have always been a really active (maybe even a little bit hyperactive) person, but I moved to a whole new level a few months ago. I have a friend who’s been working out for a few years and he helped me a lot, we had always talked about these thing and then in October I decided to take it seriously. I found a gym -which I absolutely adore and could praise for hours-, bought a monthly pass, read a LOT about the topic and started working out. Since then it became an essetial part of my life, I go to the gym 6 times a week and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t imagine my days without the workouts, I really need it aside the mental strain. This is what keeps me going, always makes me feel refreshed and relaxed and gives my days a nice schedule. Basically I’d like to post the motivational stuffs I find and keep track of my fitness -workouts, healthy eating, stc…- and again: decide the importance of the topic in my life.

Because a few days ago my dad showed me a website which has tons of online courses of universities and told me to have a look at it, I might find something interesting, useful for my studies. And I did, although I found nothing related to IR or something like that, which would seem appropiate, but I singed for a course about Foods, healthy eating and fitness… And this made me start thinking and realize, that actually I like this topis that much that I can imagine myself having a career related to fitness. I might be a dietetican or a personal trainer, or both! I would just love doing it, my hobby as a job: perfect. But I guess that unfortunately it is a little bit too late for that, isn’t is? I should have had completely different optional courses in high school and applied for a totally different university. Actually, if I wanted it real bad, I could still change, but as I am not sure that I could make a living out of it and be successful… I am just not brave enough for a change, especially considering that I do like the major I have. I told this to my mom and she said that if it really intrigues me, I could still do it beside the IR, maybe as a correspondence student. Anyways, it’s good to know that she’d support me and doesn’t think about it as a complete nonsence, because I kind of expected her to tell me that it should remain just a hobby and that’s all. So this one was a pleasant surprise.

Okay, so this is basically the idea. I don’t really want to promote my blog, and I’m actually kinda writing it for myself, but if someone’s still interested in the lectures and programs related to IR, some Chinese things, my fitness progress and my thoughts about life and people then don’t hesitate to comment, I hope you’ll enjoy reading!



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