Finally on my bike again!

So today was my first time in this season when I could finally get on my bike! Unfortunately I don’t have every required accessory so I can’t yet use it in the city instead of the public transport, but I just couldn’t wait going for a few rounds in the city park.

I wanted to go right after waking up, but at 7 am it was still a little bit chilly so I waited until about 8:30, and it was a mighty fine ride! Just a pair of leggings and my big old white hoodie was enough, because the sun was shining bright and fortunately there was no wind at all. As I got into the park I just spread and stretched my arm out wide and burst into laughing – it was such a liberating feeling, I can’t even explain. It felt so good, I missed this feeling so much!

After a few rounds I realized that I have a GPS tracking MapMyFitness application on my phone, so I switched it on – I was just curious about the details of a usual ride. And in the end, my stats are:

  • distance: 10,75 km
  • time: 35 mins
  • speed: 18,6 km/h
  • burned: 186 calories

It was good, I don’t really feel tired afterall, actually I’m quite refreshed! I felt the burn in my thighs during going up to the hill, but that’s the part of it, right? After getting home I had a quick snack: a bowl of plain yoghurt with a few strawberries chopped into it – yummy and healthy!

Now I’m drinking my second cup of coffee today hoping I can convince myself to finally start studying today so I can go to the gym in the afternoon – just to make a balance between mental and physical exercises.


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