Keeping track – butt workout

I have already been keeping track of my workouts, such as always noticing my treadmill data and planning my workout days in advance (abs, arms&shoulders, legs&butt etc..) but I wasn’t really precise about the details, even though it really is important.

Why? Because you can have a really nice look at your own progress and it help planning ahead. Because as you may now, you should increase the weights with time, because your body gets used to it, and even if you do the same which was good earlier, you might “get stuck” at some point and not improve or gain any muscle. Therefore keeping some kind of a journal can be a lot of help by planning what to do exactly and with how much weight. And don’t tell me that it won’t be great after months to see the improvements! (It’s like that when I started doing squats a few months ago, I started with 3 kgs on each side of the barbell, so with 6kg and it hurt really bad next day. And now I can put 20kg on the barbell, and as for my legs, I could even more, my shoulders and arms aren’t just strong enough. And the though of how much stronger I am and how much I improved is amazing.)

So what I was trying to say that today I made a note about everything I did. Some guys looked at me a bit weird when I grabbed my phone everytime I had a pause, but who cares? I hesitated whether I should post the details of my workout or not but decided to do it. One of the reasons is that I’m curious about your thoughts on it, so if you think I should change something, please help and tell me! : )

Just a few comments in advance: my usual warm up cardio is running on the treadmill, maybe a bit more than I should (because I know I should leave the running for the end, but I like to begin my workout with a good 20 mins of running), but I’m trying to take back a little bit, because I really don’t want to lose weight instead of building muscle. So today I wenr with the Steps machine, or I don’t know how to call that. The another thing that today I wanted to focus on my butt (ahh, one of my favourites) only. The unfortunate thing was that I couldn’t find the ankle weights so I skipped a bunch of exercises :/ I know I could do them without the weights, but.. I don’t have an appropiate excuse, guilty as charged. Anyways, I spent about 80 minutes in the gym including the cardio, the stretching (important! you can get injured so never skip stretching!) and the weight exercises. So, todays routine was:

Steps machine
effort level: 13
time: 10:00
burned: 111 kcal

Barbell squats
     weight: 20 kg
4 sets x 12 reps

weight: 12 kg sparrowbag
2 sets x 20 reps
hold for 30 seconds
2 sets x 12 reps – one leg only!

Barbell deadlift
weight: 16 kg
4 sets x 12 reps

     weight: 50 kg
4 sets x 12 reps
+ 20 pulsing

Leg press
weight: 60 kg
4 sets x 12 reps

+ Abductor and Leg press again

That’s it. Actually, I don’t really feel it right now, after a few hours of the workout, I really am missing those leg lifts and stuff I skipped. Maybe a repeating these and doing a few more sets would have been good, but we’ll se if I’ll be sore tomorrow. Who knows?

Anyway, opinions?

P.s.: don’t worry, I won’t post all my workouts in the future, haha. and God, seeing it as a whole it seems to be pathetically insufficient and not enough. Nevermind, next time.


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