That’s how a balanced day looks like!

First of all, I’d just like to emphasize how much I freaking love this weather! I was suffering so much from that coldness and snow in March that now in this beautiful sunshine I feel like… I can’t even descibe, it just makes me ridiculously happy!

So about today… I started my day with the most important thing of all: breakfast! There is something I got a little bit addicted to in the last couple of weeks: banana pancakes! I actually saw this one on Pinterest, and at first I just couldn’t believe it could turn out this greatm because it seemed too good to be true. So here’s the thing:

And that’s it. You just mix the banana and the eggs together and voilá. Pancakes! Mine today didn’t really look like actual pancakes, they turned out to be quite ugly actually (as you can see on the picture) but they were still delicious. And how awesome is that seriously that you can eat pancakes guilt-free? Because with these two ingerdients it is totally healthy! You definetely should try it!

After this satisfacional little breakfast I went straight to the library to be there when it opens to make sure to get my favourite armchair in my favourite room – but for nothing. There was some kind of a programme there today so I had to be content with just an ordinary spot -at least the surrounding was still beautiful and had that same ‘antique’ mood. I was quite productive, I read about four studies related to the subject of my paper in progress, highlighted the important parts and gathered a lot of other possible resources. So I can say I’m satisfied with my work today.

I let myself have a little break anyway, so I could watch the new episode of The Voice – and I absolutely loved it! The guys sitting at the same table must have thought I was a complete idiot because I was constantly smiling an laughing and there were parts when I was really nervous and then so happy I could scream – I even had to put my hands on my mouth just to make sure I wouldn’t. But who cares? I enjoyed every minute of the show, the performances were great! Team U S H E R is still the best – especially Josiah with his oh so handsome smile;]

And just to make the day complete I went to the gym and even had a friend -who is practicly like my sister- come with me. As the weather was so great, instead of public transport I walked the whole way from the library to the gym and it was really nice. The sunshine, the tourists strolling on the sidewalk, all those people riding bike, the gorgeous view of the city and the Danuba from the bridge… It really was lovely. I had my camera with myself, but I don’t know why, I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures -which is quite rare-, I just wanted to enjoy the moment. Anyway, the workout itself sadly wasn’t that good, but we haven’t had the opportunity to spend some quality time together in a while, so I don’t feel like I wasted my time. Besides, a bad workout is still better than no workout at all, right? And since the trolly-bus didn’t operate this afternoon I had another longer walk after the workout, so maybe I could compensate a little bit for not working so hard today.

Now I am just sitting here on my bed with my notebook in my lap trying to plan tomorrow. I hope I can go to the park for a few hours of sunbathing and reading with a huge bottle of cold lemonade (without sugar!) and a box full of fresh diced fruit. Ohh it’d be so great, hopefully the weather won’t rain on my parade – literally : )


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