Strawberries & sunshine

That’s basically how I probably could sum up my last few days. The exam period is coming awfully fast so I had to convince myself about studying harder but I just couldn’t sit inside so I figured I should put on my bikini and go outside to read all my notes in the sunshine.

Okay I have to admit that I might have spent a little more time with listening to music, messaging my boyfriend and sunbathing than I should have, but.. What can I do? I don’t feel the pressure yet, so.. At least I’m getting a real nice tan 😉

ImageAnd as I was walking from the university to the gym (I had plenty of time) I made a quick visit to the Market Hall and bought a box of strawberries – which always makes me kinda addicted. So I’ve practically been living on strawberries since then – either a yummy smoothie for breakfast in the morning or just a bowl of them clean and fresh – such a perfect and healthy snack and I guess I don’t have to tell you how good it feels on a hot day like this one was- as I’m sitting in the window pane enjoying the sunshine and the IR Theory. I actually did’t have enough time after gym to go to the island so I decided it’d do it. The people on the street looked at me funny when they saw me, there was even a man who took a picture of me with his mobile phone! When he saw the shock on my face he just shrug his shoulders and smiled. I enjoyed sitting there for hours, so I just didn’t care about what others might think – even if my mom freaked out a little (as every year when I renew this habit of sitting there)

Apart from that what I spend my time with is still working out. However it’s a bit new, because I had to make some changes as my thighs started getting to big comparing to other parts of my body : / So now I reduced the leg/ass focused days -even though they are my favourites- and I’m doing more focusing on my upper body – arms, chest, shoulders, back. It’s easier not that I had help and know what to do and how, but I’ll still have to get used to it. I enjoy it anyway, especially as I can already see the results and the progress – which always motivates me and keeps me going. I am really curious about what I can make of my body and how I’ll look like. I hope to be strong and toned and I think I’m on the right path.. We”ll see ; )


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