Guilty as charged!

I’ve just arrived home from the gym feeling all satisfied and gloriously tired. Don’t you just love the feeling when you feel the part of your body you foced your workout on with every move and you know how sore you’re gonna be next day – awesome!

I wanted to do both back and shoulders yesterday but I went with back only, so today was shoulder day for me, which came quite handy since I’ve recently seen a great shoulder workout video and I wanted to try it – and I did.

Here’s the video, I found it on Wefitu which is a fitness blog here at WordPress – you should definetely check it, they are uploading videos showing how to do the exercises properly and they recommend reps and sets as well.

So I started with the Arnold Dumbell Press, first with 6 kg dumbells but it seemed to be too light, so I switched to 8 kg dumbells and it was just enough. For the Upright Barbell Row I put 5kg plates to each side and I could hardly complete the last reps of the first 15 so I guess that was also fine. The Front Dumbell Raises.. I first went with 6kgs thinking how strong I am but it was unfortunately too much – for now! knowing myself I’ll quickly reach the point where my current 4kg dumbells aren’t going to be enough. (Which will be a mighty fine feeling, so it’s worth working hard for.) The Side Lateral Raises also with 4kgs (owww it hurt!) and the Seated Barbell Military Press with 5kg plates again. I actually did 4 sets of only 8 reps, because I could do even this much with a lot of effort only (the last ones were really tough!) but I just didn’t wanna use lighter weights. And to complete the workout the Dumbell shrug with 8 kg dumbells, and I can tell you – my shoulders do hurt and I really am satisfied with the workout.

I was planning to do Nike Training Club’s Shoulder Ripper as well, but I just forgot that. I always do unfortunately, next time I might write it on the back of my hand or something just to keep it in mind, because I know that I could do it beside these and that would be a tough but fully complete workout!


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