Working out with friends?


I’ve already written a post about how great it is to workout with your loved one, but what about working out with friends? Do they motivate or do they hinder instead?

Nowadays lot of my girlfriends decided to join me in the gym, especially because the gym is just a 10-minute walk away from the university and on weekdays I usually go after lectures – it’s quite handy for them as well. But today as two of them accompanied me I realised how surprisingly big the differences can be depending on who I work out with. For example:

I have a friend who is genetically skinny and tall and she asked me to help her with gaining muscle and started coming with me regularly a few weeks ago. She’s dedicated, she always listens to the things I say and trusts me – which is an indescribably great feeling for me. She’s just the ‘type’ of friend to work out with, we can chat during the warmup cardio session and in the pauses but when it’s time to do the real deal she takes it seriously and doen’t make fun of it. And I don’t want to boast but we look great since we kinda matched our outfits as well – we both have white-gray Nike shoes, but mine has pink parts and laces, hers has neon yellow, and with black leggings we have neon tops matching our shoes – it looks sooo great! I’m trying to convince her to take a picture, but she’s just not that kinda girl :/ But I’m not giving up! : )

Because in a lot of cases -as I recognized- a workout can easily transform into a chit-chat session and even though we might spend two hours in the gym afterall all I feel is guilt because of not working as hard as I expect from myself. So now I’m wondering what I should do in such cases if I don’t want to be rude to tell them to concentrate or at least not to bother me because I’m coming here to work hard, but still want to solve this somehow…

Otherwise I really appreciate that they decided to change and start moving regularly and I would really like to help and motivate them in the future too by not letting them waste their time. I hope I’ll be able to figure out how so they all can be that great workout partners as that friend I mentioned. Because really, how awesome would it be, if the five of us girls could hit the gym after class together – having fun and working hard and motivating each other at the same time!


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