ImageOh my god, I’m as thrilled as only a girl can be after finding the exact piece of clothes she’s been looking for for over a year!

Today I accompanied my friend for a little shopping because she wanted to buy a cute pair of wedges. I didn’t really want to get myself anything, but it still was fun just looking through the shoes and clothes. But when we walked into H&M and I laid my eyes on this amazing neon pink bikini, my “I won’t buy anything”-attitude suddenly disappeared. I’ve been looking for a neon coloured bikini for over a year, but last year I couldn’t find any because all those in these kinda colours were strapless -which doesn’t really look good on me. So you can only imagine my excitement especially when I tried it on and it looked absolutely gorgeous! Like it was made specially for me, unbelievable! I’m over cloud nine and just can’t wait to go to the beach or just a little sunbathing to show it off! If I get a little more tanned…!

I hesitated a LOT whether I should attach a picture or not but I just can’t resist showing you! In real life it’s a bit more pink-ish actually but I think it looks good here as well : ) But I’ll upload a better one if we will finally go outside :3


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