All the little things

I’s amazing how one tiny thing in the morning can make your whole day! This morning I decided to continue working on my paper (which is due on Monday so I really really should finish it today) and I realized that I’d need my laptop, so I turned it on quite unsuspectingly – and a sticky note waited for me on the screen. Yesterday morning we studied together here at my place and while I was reading my Chinese book on my kindle, he used my laptop to download the management material he needed and he must have written this cute little thing back then. It is a to do list which says that my tasks for today (yesterday actually) is to give him a lot of kisses and to cuddle and to have enough rest so I’d be well rested next time we meet. It’s so cute and really made my day. I smile like an idiot – again – and I don’t think it’d change throughout the day. I just loooove these little surprises and I finally have somebody who does these kinda things!

So don’t forget: always appreciate all the little things because they make life truly better!


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