A complete MESS

I feel like a complete mess today. I’ve been studying for the last month without any days off, and this made me really really exhaused mentally. And besides that my wrists hurt, my legs are stiff and I lost my fitness gloves – so I couldn’t find relief even in training. I am absolutely tired in all senses of the word – phisically, mentally… I really need to get myself together – I just wish it was a few days later, the time by which I’ll have benn fully rested every imaginable way to start doing everything with 100% energy!

I decided on starting to keep track of what I eat and of all my trainings – I know I did that once but I aways forgot, but now I’m serious, I won’t quit and I will register everything, because it does make a difference!

And I finally got p90X and Insanity, so I’m planning on looking through the workouts and build some of them or at least some parts into my workout routine. There are some, sor example the Back and Chest workout of P90X which I won’t and can’t do -it’s full of pushups and pullups…-, but still there are really useful things in these. Considering being so awful today after coming home from a cut short workout in the gym, I did P90X’s Stretch X – an hour long program, but since stretching is really really important, I didn’t feel that I wasted my time – rather I used it wisely. Always know what you’re capable of at the moment, don’t pay attention to your ego – if you need to rest, then do! Your muscles need time to recover – but you can always do some stretching for example.


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