Finally feelin’ the summer breeze!

I can barely believe that my first year at the university is finally over! I’ve finished all my exams yesterday, and I’m just starting to realize what this means: s u m m e r.

It’s a shame though that I had to start my “official summer” without him, as his at a festival right now, but at least I have plenty of time for my friends and family – especially considering that after he arrives home on Sunday, we’re going away for a whole week to the lake Balaton, just the two of us. It’s gonna be so amazing. I won’t have seen him for almost a week then, and nowadays we had to spent unfortunately quite a lot of time apart and I often felt that all I do is miss him all the time, so it will be unbelievably good to finally make up for those times. And I always feel that our time together is just never enough anyway, so maybe this time a whole week can be at least a little bit closer to enough…:) However, it’s interesting, because since we haven’t spent so much time together, it crossed my mind how it’s going to be like. I mean though I feel like I could spent weeks and months with him and never get bored and feel that it really is going to be great, in practice, it’s still kind of a test for a relationship, isn’t it? I’m curious about how it’s going to turn out – but not nervous at all, I’m sure it’s gonna be a mighty fine week. I can already see us eating breakfast on the porch in the morning, going for a run together, playing in the water, watching the sunset with a bottle of wine… ♡

Until then I’ll be enjoying my freedom. I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t know what to do with this much time now that the ‘I should be studying now” feeling disappeared, but actually I managed quite well so far. I got some translating jobs which I can easily do from home, and I can finally catch up with The Voice. I already watched the finale though, and though I am a fan of Team Usher, I’m really happy that Danielle won, she totally deserved it, she’s such a lovely young lady with an amazing voice. I can’t decide though which duett I liked more: Michelle’s with OneRepublic, the Counting Stars or Danielle’s with Hunter Hayer. God, I love both song so much and both performances were superb! In case you haven’t seen…

And apart from that I can also finish Skins – I’ve just finished the first 4 seasons and I already miss these old characters and really look forward to those promoted new episodes: Fire, Pure and Rise about Effy, Cassie and Cook(: – and Pretty Little Liars!

ombre!And since it’s kind of a new beginning – of an amazing summer [with him] and a whole new chapter of my life starting in September, I felt that it’s time for something new: I visited my hairdresser today and got a new hair do: from blond(ish) to… ombre!
It was really strange at first, seeing my hair dark again after being almost completely blond, but as my hairdresser was blowdrying it and as I saw the light, blondish ends shine up I immadiately knew that it was a good decision. The character of my face changed a lot – maybe I look older and maybe a bit more serious, but I think it suits me and didn’t regret it at all. Gonna miss being blond though…


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