Random modelling – what a day!

All I can say about yesterday is: wow! It was such an exciting day, even though it started out quite normal.

After working out in the gym I met one of my best friends, and we decided to just chill out at Deák Square, a place where there are always a lot of people of our age just hanging out. Just like everybody else we were sitting in the grass beside that little pond there, talking. We were about to go buy something to drink, because the weather was finally warm again but when we were just about to leave to girls came up to us asking for help. We were a little suspicious at first, but then they explained that someone couldn’t make it and they need two girls for a fashion show to the Operett Theatre. Once we heard the location we knew it must be something normal and serious, so we said yes. It was all spontaneous, one minute we were just chilling in the sun and the other we found ourselves in a huge posh studio apartment getting our hair and makeup done for the show. It was really exciting, in such an environment full of designer clothes and furniture, with professionals working on us. I liked the make up the most, the woman who did it was a really interesting person – she had such an aura and such.. power in herself – even though she was calm at the same time. Anyway, after we were finally ready, we learnt the choreography and rushed to the Theatre to a final rehersal and started the show in about 10 minutes. Everybody was in the hurry, we put on the dresses, run to the runway with our high heels in our hands, quickly put them on and started the show. We had to wear three sets of clothes, and show the first to in pairs and the third all of the models – we had to walk up and down the runway, sometimes stopping and posing but we both really enjoyed it.The audience was from the people coming to watch a play in the Theatre, some were rushing in but a little crowd stood there beside the runway, sometimes clapping, everybody staring – but who doesn’t like to stand in the spotlight? It was funny, because there were mirrors on both side of the hallway, so everytime we had to pose for those 5 seconds, I was facing my reflection and I felt like a statue just standing there all glossed up. Anyway it was so much fun, everybody was so nice, I really enjoyed the evening and am so glad that we said yes! There’s nothing better than these completely random and spontanous programs! And at the end we took a photo to capture the experience, that’s what you can see above, with me in the middle. That dress I was wearing was absolutely gorgeous! I just fell in love with it but unfortunately I had to leave it there:/ Anyway, the dresses you can see were designed by the lovely and talented Evelin Fink!

And after the show was over and we took the photo I rushed to the cinema because I met another really good friend of mine to watch the sixth Fast and furious movie – since we both love cars and always discuss the new models and send each other videos and pictures of amazing sportcars all the time it was obvious that it’d be a good program for us -especially since my boyfriend was at a festival and his girlfriend didn’t like cars and action movies. And I have to say, that this movie just like the previous ones was awesome! There were some older cars I didn’t like but most of the cars were amazing, the soundtrack was superb, and the action scenes were great as well – and just as we though the movie was going to end there was a twist int the plot and the action started over. Anyway: I can highly recommend watching it for everybody who loves a good action movie and great cars!


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