Yesterday as I was just about to go change after my workout in the gym, I bumped into the box trainer guy with whom we always talk a few words and who helped me a few times to do the exercises properly. He was coming out of one of the rooms, saw me and said: oh my got, you lost a lot of weight! And it was a sudden, honest reaction I think – and it made me really surprised. I was like: really? Cause at the moment I feel like a little fat ball after these days of the festival eating white bread and pasta all the time without working out. But he said really and that it can be seen both on my face and my thighs, especially since I’m ‘stronger’ on my lower body.

I was honestly surprised because nowadays my confidence somehow kinda disappeared, because of a few bad jokes, the bad foods and the absence of workouts, but hearing this from someone who wasn’t saying this to compliment me and get into my panties was a really good feeling. I still don’t feel completely satisfied about myself right now, even though I know that I’m not fat at all or something, but that few sentences gave me a lot of motivation. It seems like that even though there were a few ‘cheat days’, the hard work and the proper healthy eating do show their results, that it IS worth doing. I know I get better and better if I focus on how I live my life and the thought of seeing myself improve even more, both my body and mind is the thing that keeps me going. I was motivated before that as well, but that gave me a little extra, which is always important.

And now I’m home alone for two weeks, which means that I do the shopping and cooking all on my own and don’t depend on my family, so I decided to take advantage of it, try a lot of new and healthy recipes and see how it works. The last few days I simply made chicken and salads but I’m going shopping today and I’ll try to get a wider range of foods. Goin’ crazy on veggies and fruits! Not gonna be so cheap though:/


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