Made my day

Usually a lot of strangers come up to me on the streets, trying to get my number or have weird conversations with me, so if I see someone approaching me I usually sigh already in advance.. I was about to do that today as well, as a guy on a bike started kinda going in circles around me as I was walking towards the gym from the tram stop. But he only did a few rounds and didn’t even look creepy so I just shrug and kept going. A few meters later he passed me on the bike, turned around and with a smile he told me: ‘you are pretty, really, you are beautiful.’ I was so surprised and I don’t know why I blushed like a little girl and said a simple shy tank you. I thought he was going to leave but he also asked whether I’m going to training. I nodded with a stupid grin on my face, and I couldn’t make it disappear especially after he told me it can be seen, that I do sports, then left without a word. It really made my day so far, it was just another compliment of those kinds I mentioned last time. He didn’t try to get my name or number or anything, yet still complimented me and it felt like he ment it. And not because he wanted anything from me, but because he thought so. You know, from the long long list of course, but these are the moments why it’s so worth going to the gym and working hard every damn day.


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