Dragonboat practice

The summer is coming soon, but here in Taiwan we can already enjoy the sunshine and hot weather even in April. I just love how tan I already got – well, it’s not so surprising though considering that I spend 3 hours under the sun at practice everyday.


On the weekdays we start at 6:30 sharp, which means on the way to practice I can always see the sunrise – it is so gorgeous, assures me that it really is worth getting up so early and getting out of bed.


And the weekends? Someone might say I’m wasting all my weekends with practice, since I have to go both days and it takes up the whole morning, but if they saw, how gorgeous place Bitan is, I think they would understand. Sliding in the boat on the sparklimg emerald water, with birds flying across the river just above the water is an indesrcibable feeling, like being lost in the nature.


Especially if I sit in the very front, because then all I see is the water and the scenery in front of me and while we row (especially since we can’t talk while rowing) everything just disappears. This is kind of like the feeling that got me hooked up on gym – turning off my mind, shutting off everything that happened before or concerned me about the future and only concentrating on myself and what I’m doing at the moment. Of course, it’s not the same, since this is a team sport, so I have to work together with my teammates, in complete synchronization, we row and even breathe together, but I still got a similar impression though.
And apart from those moments I got friends who are almost like family sitting there next to me in the boat, making it worth -yet again- to get up and get on the bus every morning of the weekends.


Enjoying the sunshine and the laughs we have together is definitely unbeatable and I am more than willing to sacrifice staying in bed all morning for that.

Though this week our coach is busy, so we will have a rest day on Saturday and go to a Team Max surf trip to Yilan instead! I checked the weather and the forecast says it’s gonna be hot and sunny, definitely perfect time for the beach! And perfect time for me to learn how to surf! I’ve never tried but always wanted to, so I’m really looking forward to it! And spending the whole day on the beach with my team? Couldn’t think of many more amazing programs!

Oh and something else: I got new running shoes! My old Nike is still okay, but I wanted another pair just in case. I’ve been looking fpr shoes for weeks, originally wanted Nike (of course) but I just couldn’t find a pair that I really like. And since I’m not buying a new pair of shoes every month or so, I wanted one that I fall in love with, not just one which is “okay”. Anyway, I ended up chossing Adidas, Adizero Featherlite 3.0 to be specific and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to finally try it and go for a run wearing them!



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