Evernote Food

I found an app, that I got to really love recently. It’s an app made by the creators of Evernote, one that probably most of you know. What is it about? Not so difficult to guess: food.

The three main features that the app has:

  • Explore new recipes!
    If you don’t know, what you want to cook, it can give you an idea since you can browse the long list of recommended recipes. Once you like one of them the app takes you to the website which has the recipe -but not in your browser, still in the app. So if you decide that you actually do really like it, you can save the recipe for later – in one of your cookbooks, that you can create. Really convenient! And if you already have an idea about what you want, you can search using keywords pretty easily.
  • Find new restaurants!
    Well, I haven’t tried this feature yet, but the main pont is that based on your location the app looks up the available restaurants in your location giving you recommendations, more detailed information, and contact infos to make it easier for you to find a place to eat. My problem is just that I don’t have mobile data on the way right now and I usually forget to look it up in advance. But if you try it, please tell me how it was!
  • Document your meals
    This is definitely my favourite one, the reason why I actually like the app this much. You can register any meal you have, take pictures of it, choose which cuisine it was and add  tags, so later you can look them up easily. And you can also add a location, I tried this part and from your GPS coordinates the app looks up the places nearby and you can choose the restaurant you’re at, or you can add your place to the list.

I actually really enjoy using this app and I think if you are trying to watch what you eat, to keep track or just love having various, delicious meals and later look back at them, you definitely at least should give it a try, because I honestly think this is a very useful one!


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