Humidity kicks in

A while ago  when I started trying to pay more attention to drinking enough water throughout the day, I found it pretty hard actually. Well, not anymore. Taiwanese spring aka rainy season is here, which means warm/hot super humid weather. In these conditions, making a 2.5 L bottle of water disappear is no problem during one of our morning practices. Actually, it reminds me a little bit of the weather of August and September, when it was yet again so hot and humid, the I started sweating the moment I got out of the shower.

A lot of people physically can’t bear this weather, it’s easy to get dizzy and feel faint – if you’re not careful enough. Therefore eating enough and always having water (and sunscreen!) with me became my number one priority again. Funny, normally people get way too tired and even lazier in this weather, but I’m like: if I’m sweating like a pig anyway, then why not do it in the gym? And seriously taking a light evening run when the sun finally goes down at the end of the day, as warming up for a workout is one of the best things. Though I realised I’m missing the fresh and crispy, dry European air more than I thought, but the not-so-hot-but-humid is still a lot better in the evening than the so-hot-AND-humid-that-you-die during the day.


There’s another change in my everydays, due to the more and more extreme weather conditions: I don’t really feel like eating oatmeal in the morning. I’ve never thought this day would come, since I’ve been completely obsessed with my morning oats, making it in a different was with different mix-ins everyday to make it more interesting but still filling and healthy – to give me that kickstart for the day, the energy I need. (Especially with the morning practices)  I felt really weird, when I realized, I don’t really want it anymore, so I started thinking and I realized, why. Because it’s hot/warm, and in this weather -even though we have AC in the room- I just usually don’t feel like eating something that would just make the unbearable hotness ever worse. But then I started panicking: what should I eat then?! Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day, and if I can’t get a proper breaky, I’m not only gonna be lacking enery to do anything but will also get super grumpy – trust me, you wouldn’t wanna be around me that day. Anyway, I had to figure out something to get for breakfast, preferably something easy and fast, since I usually don’t have much time at 5 am to make food. Luckily, I found the perfect solution: overnight oats. That’s right, I can still get my favourite, but even easier and what the best is: cold. Pouring oats in a mason jar with yoghurt, honey, fruits and nuts and putting it in the fridge for the night is the best possible breakfast I can imagine right now. In the morning I only have to open the fridge, get the bowl/jar of heaven out and start eating. Since I don’t put any additional sugar and use only clean ingredients it’s still healthy, packed with protein and absolutely deliciousss! And yesterday when I grabbed a cup of iced latte from Matsusei (they brew Bernachon coffee and it’s really good!) it hit me: I can still have my beloved coffee oats too, I just have to buy a cup of cold latte, and soak the oats in that instead of the usualy yoghurt/almond milk. So that’s exactly what I did tonight. I grabbed a bowl, poured the latte in it, then put oats and oven baked nutty muesli along with a little bit of Agave syrup for sweetness – and of course banana. It’s in the fridge already and I just can’t wait for the morning to come, so I can have this bowl of goodness, yumm!

ImageAfter this little meal prep I still had some me-time before my boyfriend got home, so I decided to try the face mask I got this afternoon on the way home from practice. Well, sweating all the time and then also spending a couple of hours under direct, strong sunlight is not really good for my skin, so I decided it deserves some pampering. Funny, I never tried these kinda face masks, only the ones which are like cream/gel but then harden on your face. My skin does feel a little bit softer, but I looked completely ridiculous with the mask on, that’s for sure. Nevermind, everything for looking good, huh?


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