All about…

…food prep and healthy snacks!
In the last week or too I just got really obsessed with food prep amd healthy snacks again. My friend moved to Hong Kong and had a lot of healthy stuff left that she didn’t wanna take with her or throw, so she decided to give all of them to me. So many awesome yummy goodies, yaaay! The pack had loads of stuff I have always wanted to try but somehow never did. Like cocnut oil, quinoa (normal and red) and my new absolute favourite: bulghur! So now basically all I have to buy is meat and fresh veggies and voilá: lunch is ready! I usually prepare it the day before in the evening after gym and then pack everything in my belived tupperware. Today I have steamed fish with soy sauce and bulghur, yesterday I had whole grain toast slices, chicken breast, mashed avocado and apple cubes – just so I have the perfect balance of good carbs, protein and healthy fats! Oh and there’s another not-so-healthy but still not that bad favourite of mine: black pepper beef stir fry with onion and bell pepper. So fast and easy to make and sooo delicious! Luckily my boyfriend quite liked it too, so I am officially allowed to make it more often, haha.

Black pepper beef stir fry!

I also wanted to look for something new to snack – I usually go for fruits, but there are times when I just can’t help but want something salty, amd I don’t wanna eat just nuts all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with nuts and could eat almonds amd cashews all day, bit even though they are healthy amd full of proetein and healthy fats, as many other healthy foods they are also only good with moderation. Anyway, so the other day we were sitting at the dragonboat lounge with my friends – thia is the place which is always full of snacks. Unfortunately it usually means chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate, so for me it’s only a challenge for my willpower and self-restriciton, but the other day somebody brought a pack of seaweed. I’ve only seen it wrapped aroumd sushi so far, so I was surprised that people actually eat it as a snack, but since it is actually healthy I gave it a try and I loved it! The only not really healthy part of it is that I.think it’s usually high in sodium, but I think I can live with that, haha!



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