Fitness breakfast for the both of us

Okay so I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to try oatmeal since I’ve been so obsessed about it lately, but he usually doesn’t like “healthy stuff”, so it wasn’t an easy task. (Note: he goes to the gym and works out twice a day, has really nice muscles and is really shredded, since all his hard work combines with such an awesome metabolism which enables him to eat anything -and by that I mean McDonalds, chocolate and cookies and sugary drinks all the time– without gaining even a gram of fat) But then I started thinking about how I could make it more interesting for him with topping and after finally having a good idea he agreed to try.

It’s not as easy, since when making oatmeal the add-ins which make me the happiest are usually raisins, banana and cashews, which he unfortunately doesn’t really likes. (Hates raisins more than anything, to be exact.) So the finaly version turned out to be overnight oats, soaked in chocolate milk with chocolate protein powder and extra sugar, and in the morning I will add chocolate cookie crunches (we just got some of those from IKEA that he really likes) and some of Nestle’s Koko Krunch Duo. Well, I’m really excited about how he’s gonna like it, though I’m afraid the simply put-milk-and-cereal-in-a-bowl will still be a winner for him, haha. We’ll see.

And for myselft? I made mine with milk, vanilla extract and vanilla protein powder. I’m so stupid that on the way home I forgot to buy banana, but I guess since I won’t have practice in the morning tomorrow anyway, a simpler breakfast is gonna do it anyway. And to make it a bit more interesting, I can still add some Koko Krunch as topping to my oatmeal too! I know it has some added sugar, but at least is made of whole grains and can still give me an extra kick for the day. (I will wake up around 5 am to study for the exam later tomorrow anyway, so I really will need that extra energy to focus)


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