New workout schedule?

Yesterday as we finally arrived home after picking up the last boxes of my stuff that was still at my old place (now we’re officially living together with my boyfriend until we leave Taiwan! ) he said he wanted to sleep, since the rain makes him too lazy and only wants to go to the gym later. Well, later in his case usually mean 9 pm and finishing at 11 pm when I’m already supposed to be sleeping, so I decided to let him sleep and just went to the gym at 6 pm on my own. He asked me multiple times during the day about what I want to do in the gym but even though I knew, I said I will just decide once we’re there. Actually I was planning on running on the treadmill, but every time I say I will run at the gym I just end up saying ‘Meh, I don’t feel like it now’ once we’re there and then get too tired because of the weights. A lot of people actually like running and doing cardio after weights, after strength training because they say the running would make them way too tired but I’m the opposite, no idea why. Anyways, I kept this little secret to myself and succeeded, I could finally get a good run in the evening! I know treadmills are not as good as running outside, but it’s rainy season which means it can start raining any minute and I get bored of the track if I’m running alone already after a few laps so.. and I was lucky, there was a free treadmill, so nothing could stop me! A few weeks before when we had field practice at the track with the team three times a week it was so perfect, because I got the cardio I needed for the week (5 laps for warming up and around 7 more along with a lot of cardio-like exercises), but now that we’re rowing four times a week and only have one land practice, I realized I will have to take care of the cardio by myself. I was easier when I did it together with my teammates and I was told to, forced to – I did it even if I didn’t feel like it. But now I need double to motivation, dedication and willpower to get it done.

Moreover, nowadays my gym sessions were also a bit messed up, I just randomly did what I felt like that day, sometimes doing bodyparts twice a week or skipping one, but I think if I had a plan again that would help holding things together and squeeze in the cardio I need. So here’s what I thought of:

Team Max Rest Day
Gym: 5 km running + Abs

Team Max: Rowing in Dazhi
Gym: Shoulders and Biceps

Team Max: Rowing in Dazhi
Gym: Back + Abs

Rest Day!

Team Max: field practice at the track
Gym: Running 5 km + Abs / Legs

Saturday and Sunday
Team Max: Rowing in Bitan
Team Max: Rowing in Bitan


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