So far so good!

Everything is going as planned so far!

Yesterday I made that chicken salad I mentioned in my last post. Well, I really do love chicken salads, they are just so simple and so good with the fresh veggies and the tender chicken they are the perfect healthy but filling choice for lunch with good carbs and protein, but… salads can get boring after a while, so I tried to make it more interesting this time.

I had this idea and I added apple and orange cubes to the salad – it’s incredibly how much of a difference they made! They make the salad taste even more fresh, I really liked how it turned out to be!

Apart from the fruits, I tried to pay more attention to other add-ons for the salad, because they might not seem to be much, but they actually are important. So apart from all the veggies and fruits I added organic poppy seeds and pine nuts from Thailand and then before adding the chicken (which I cooked using coconut oil!) I squeezed a bit of lemon juice into it – it helps to keep the salad nice and fresh! (Not to mention that this extra flavour allowes you to ditch on those high-calorie pre-made ‘salad dressing’-called monsters)


This is the clean eating part. Now about gym. So far I did everything according to my plan. I went to practice on Tuesday in the morning, which mean one hour of rowing on the river, then in the evening at the gym I did shoulders and biceps. Yesterday’s practice was cancelled to to the crazy storm and I said I wouldn’t go anywhere all they but of course we couldn’t resist and even though it was still raining pretty hard, we put on raincoats (umbrellas just don’t help) and went to the gym. I actually felt like it, so I ran a bit on the treadmill, just 2km as a warm-up – I didn’t wanna get too tired before doing weights. I think this is my ideal distance for a pre-workout run. It gets my heartrate up, and makes me all sweaty, but I still have energy to complete a strength session afterwards. So after chugging down 700ml of water in just a few minutes I did back, abs and obliques. I only ate a banana and drank a protein shake as we got home, before going to bed and man, I could see it in the mirror in the morning! I feel really good about myself now – though I’m not really satisfied with my legs, my abs look really good and that little bit of fat around my hips disappeared too.I just have to keep up the clean diet and the complex trainings with a good balance of cardio and weights and I will be fine:) (This picture is already after morning tea and breakfast -overnight oats in strawberry yoghurt again with a banana- so it’s not as good, buuut…)


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