Today: rain check! ☁

That’s one thing that we have to put up with Taiwan’s rainy season which usually means that it can start raining any moment, but what’s been going on with the weather in the last 24 hours is just absolutely crazy!

It’s been raining continuously, and it’s not the “Oh, I gotta take an umbrella” kind of, little annoying weather. No, it’s the one which causes floods all over town, which makes them cancel all dragonboat practices and which makes me not jut want to, but actually stay at  home all day.

So that’s what we’re doing right now. Cozied up under the blanket, napping, watching series ( #TheVoiceFinale – whoop whoop, fingers crossed for #ChristinaGrimmie, my all time favoutie whom I’ve been following for years!) and drinking milk tea all day, refusing to step out of the apartment into the rain.

I woke up at 5 am when my alarm when off, since I was supposed to go to practice and also had to wake my boyfriend up because of the same reasons. As I got out of the bed, I heard the sound of the rain which made me really want to just crawl back into bed, but I forced myself not to. Anyways, I ate the breakfast I prepared yesterday (Oats in Stawberry Yoghurt with Apple, yumm!) and turned on my computer to check the news in the hope that maybe they cancel the practice due to the rain – and luckily the message of the cancellation arrived a few minutes later.

I was so glad! I was about to skip in case they had the practice anyway, because this wouldn’t be just “getting a little bit wet”… Since I couldn’t take a good picture, here’s a video of how it looks like from my window. Though this was the not-so-heavy version:


 Turns out the river really did get too dangerous to row on not to mention all the water from the rain pouring into the boats making them sink. Our steesrman went to the place of the practice though and uploaded this picture: they had to move the whole dock to to side since the current was so strong at the middle. Earning all my respect, my boyfriend still went to practice , though as it turned out they went to the river, heard it’s prohibited to practice now, went back to the gym, but didn’t really do anything eventually.

When he got home we decided to skip school today. There’s no way I’m going anywhere today, and we’re done with the final exam anyway, so one day off won’t hurt, right? And luckily I remembered asking him to bring chicken – avoiding having to go out anyway in order to get food-, so I am planning on making a chicken salad – thanks God I loaded up the fridge with veggies yesterday! I will post about it later.

What about you guys? What do you do on a horribly rainy day like this?


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