Rest Day Nutrition

Personally I always feel super conscious of what I eat on my rest days. Rest days are important, because even though I would still feel like going to the gym and just think about what I could be doing there when I’m at home instead, I know, that my body does need rest. But not working out means fewer calories burnt, so I like to take back a little bit on food consumption on these days.

It doesn’t mean that I’d skip meals, I’m just trying to make the portions smaller and make wiser choices, since my body doesn’t need as much fuel as on other days. Even rest days can’t mess with my breakfast though, because that is my ultimate favourite meal of the day, and to start the day my body and mind do need energy for a kickstart. So no changes on that part. But less snacking during the day, more veggies and: water water water! Hydration is important anyways but water helps keeping me feel full so I don’t feel tempted to eat that many times during the day. I also like adding fruits to my water, oranges, raspberries, or just simply lemon – it adds a great taste, makes it extra refreshing and they have a big bunch of advantages too!

Avocado & Rye Bread!

What I also feel pretty conscious about is dinner. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like to eat before bed anyways, feeling full makes it harder to fall asleep, especially since I know it’s not good for my body. Our metabolism slows down when we’re sleeping, which makes it harder for our bodies to digest the food that we just ate before going to bed – causing it just storing most of it instead of breaking it down. Usually though because we go to the gym in the evening, I have to eat something close to sleeping, but I’m always trying to keep it small but nutritious – usually just a protein shake, a banana, yoghurt, or sushi on the way home.. But on rest days I eat the last meal at around 6 pm. Today my choice was a small rye bread bun with half an avocado mashed.

One of the things you should know about Taiwan is that it’s kinda impossible to find normal bread here. Back in Europe the bakeries are full of healthy options, rye breads and whole grains, with seeds and nuts, but here? Well, everything is gluteneous, sticky, and sweet. Somehow even if they top or fill it with something savoury, the pastry itself is always that “QQ” sweet thingy. At some places they make baguettes which are pretty good, but they are not whole grain or whatsoever so they are obviously off my list. Anyways, I got really excited when I found out they have rye bread at one of the bakeries. Well, it’s still not the same, it’s kinda too moist and sticky, but it’s still ages better than all the others. Of course it would just be too good to be true to find a perfect bread, like just a simple rye bread – this one has walnuts and raisins, and the other two or three kinds are filled too. Anyways, I think it’s still a pretty good compromise!

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