Body Shaming… It’s Not Just Against Fat People

I have jus found this post, and I really couldn’t agree more. When it comes to going out with friends, either if it’s a dinner of a party, I feel shy and uncomfortable staying true my lifestyle and my choices, not drinking alcohol and ordering healthier meals and those weird looks I get from everybody, even my friends are just not fair! Luckily I managed to surround myself with people mostly sharing my lifestyle or at least mature and accepting friend but there are always gonna be people hating.
I think Zara wrote down everything perfectly about this situation, it is definitely worth reading!


I have been dropped by some friends because of my lifestyle choices.  They can not hang out with me anymore because I don’t want to eat what they are eating, or drink alcohol, or because I workout before going out.  Before these people dropped me… whatever I did order off the menu was scrutinized followed by “You’re going to look like a man,” and “Men like curvy women,” and “Your guy won’t have anything to hold on to,” and “Your food looks disgusting,” and “I don’t care what I eat, it’s my one life,” and “You’re not living because you eat food that looks crap.” But, if I turned around and said something about their food, or what they look like, or what they choose to do on their spare time… and them being heavier than I am, there would have been serious backlash.

I found myself justifying my choices to…

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