Killer intervals in the rain


I think after our practice this morning, I won’t need to do cardio at the gym today. After 3 laps of warm-up and the stretching, we did 3 sets of the various excercises including one leg squats, lunges, step ups and some others for the back. It wasn’t raining yet at that time, but it was super super humid, so even in the 27°C we all were sweating like pigs. Actually even though the excercises weren’t hard, in this weather it was really tiring, felt like the humidity and the sweat just sucked out all of our energy from our bodies. But of course that was still just a beginning.

We did the interval running pyramid everybody was so afraid of – just like on every Friday. So here’s the deal:

  • 300m jogging – 100m running
  • 200m jogging – 200m running
  • 100m jogging – 300m running
  • 100m jogging – 400m running {this is the point where everybody died}
  • 100m jogging – 300m running
  • 200m jogging – 200m running
  • 300m jogging – 100m sprint {110% effort!}

Oh well. And of course it started raining after like the second lap… As you might know, I hate running. If it’s a long distance and normal pace (10-11km/h contantly) then I’m fine, but these intervals kill me. So I went really really slow on the jogging part (not walking, still jogging, that’s important) and then with my normal pace at the jogging part – I knew I had to pace myself if I wanted to complete the whole distance. And it was a good decision, because I had enery for the last sprint, which turned out to be really good! I was wearing my Adidas running shoes. They really are super light so sprinting in them is way easier, I feel like I was flying compared to my Nikes.

And no matter how much I hate running, I still love the feeling afterwards, when I already completed the goal distance. My heart was pumping, my face was burning, I was covered in sweat, but at that point, it felt like it was worth it. And that’s why it’s good to do it with the team, I’m not sure if I could have pushed myself to do it all along. So here comes a big thank you for all the teammates supporting me and giving me the mental strength and power to do it!


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