Early Bird

After a full and active weekend with ice skating, morning dragonboat practices and hours long walk in Tamsui, even though we didn’t have practice today, I still got up early in the morning today.

I have always been a morning person. I was the kid who arrived to school at 7 am instead of 8 am (I’m unrealistically terrified of being late) and the girl who woke up early in the morning even on the weekends so always had to wait long hour for her boyfriend to do so too. But I actually don’t mind. I realized at high school that my brain works the best in the morning. Instead of being too tired and just wanting to go back to bed, it’s always been easy for me to wake up and feel fresh, and especially to study. This comes with the disadvantage that my brain kinda stops around 2 pm in the afternoon and if I still want to study it just simply says ‘No.’. Oh well, I learnt to wisely manage my time and it turned out to work in my favour. In exam periods I get up early, eat breakfast to fuel my body for that morning session and start studying at 7 am. I usually have my first break around noon which also means lunch and try for two more hours afterwards – with varying efficiency. But then when I feel that my mind really did get tired and there’s no point in even trying I just put the books away and relax – and thus I have the whole afternoon and evening free (while my friends sometimes had jost got up at that time and still have everything to get done that I had already completed.) I think it’s important for everybody to know their own body, their own rythm and get the most out of it – and actually I really like mine 🙂

Anyways so I got up early today too, to make breakfast for my boyfriend before he went to practice at 6 am, and though sometimes I go back to sleep for just one or two hours on these days, today I felt really refreshed and wanted to fully enjoy this rest day instead. (Day off only from monrning practices, I will still go to the gym to run and do abs in the evening!) So after he left I made myself a bowl of oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and a small piece of 77% cocoa chocolate crumbled in it. I ate it warm now, because even though it’s freaking hot outside my boyfriend always leaves the AC on for the night so I’m freezing every morning which makes the warm oatmeal feel quite pleasant. Finishing breakfast and tidying up the room (boys = clothes lying all around the room which can really annoy and make me feel uncomfortable sometimes so I end up collecting and folding everything) I decided not to sit inside. After weeks of raining the weather is finally good now (or at least in the morning), with only a few small clouds in the sky the sun was shining bright already after 7 am, so soon I put on my bikini, got my towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and my Kindle and went to the balcony to enjoy the sunshine and that I finally have time to read. With this weather -like all the time nowadays- I felt like I was lying in a tanning salon and a sauna at the same time. Incredible how you start sweating without doing anything in just minutes because of the humidity, especially if it’s combined with sun like today’s. It makes hydration extremely important but luckily it also makes you thirsty easily making it easy to drink. I think I drank about 1.5L by 8 am already! And since it’s only gonna get more humid and I’m gonna run today I assume it’s just gonna get more and more!

Planning on go to have hot pot for dinner after the gym, I will update on it tomorrow! Such a healthy and awesome option for dinner! Though my choice yesterday made me feel pretty good too after all that walking (my legs were so sore, God!). We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and I ordered a shredded chicken salad. It had chicken, cucumber, cabbage, and peanuts as toppings – delish! My only problem was that it was a bit too spicy and I didn’t have anything to drink. My mouth was on fire, but is was so worth it!


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