Our dragonboat competition is approaching, there’s only two days left! So since yesterday we’re enjoying our three-day-long rest, which is obligated in order to refuel and to be able to give 110% of our energy at the races on the weekend. And even though it means no morning practice and sadly no gym either, I’m still trying to be active, since I just cannot bear sitting in the apartment all day.

And what does that mean exactly? For example: hiking! As a kid I always hated hiking, I found it pointless and boring, but since I came to Taiwan I really got to like it. Now I can honestly appreciate spending time in the nature away from the chaos of the city and exploring its beauties and I realized that it’s not only really interesting, but also a really good workout – and a great way of spending your free time in an active and healthy way! I hadn’t been on a hike for a while though, but when I read my favourite blogger, Taralynn’s post about their last hike, it really out me in the mood.

It was amazing, getting lost in the nature and then seeing that wonderful waterfall at the end of the track right next to that small temple carved into the stonewall. So if you have the time and opportunity, I would definitely recommend getting out to the nature and going on a hike as part of an active day!


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