After the hard work of long months, the New Taipei City Speaker Cup, our dragonboat competition arrived. It was an exhausting but super exciting two day long event during which our women’s, men’s and mixed team competed again teams from all around Tawian, including the national team, the well-known friefighters and a lot others. Unfortunately our guys’ team got disqualified on the first day, because of their steersman’s fault (he lead the boat into the wrong lane so even though they would have won, they got the wrong flag) and our girls lost their last race before the semi finals, but this only gave our mixed team more motivation – we have to do it for them, we have to show everybody what out team is really capable of.


So we gave our 100% and won race by race – including the last one which made us the champions! Our time was 2:07.69 on 500m and the other team was just right behind us with 2:09.25. I will never forget the moment when I looked up during the last few strokes and saw our flagcatcher grab the flag throwing it into the air.


As we crossed the line, after rowing without words everybody started screaming and shouting. It was an incredible moment. I could barely realize what happened and when I actually did, I started crying. All that work, going to practice in the winter, in cold and rain on a Sunday in the morning, waking up at 5 am everyday and rowing while the sun was just rising – it was all worth it. Because all that we practiced finally got together – we were rowing with the right technique in almost perfect sync, literally breathing together by every single stroke, and this is what dragonboat is all about!


My whole body is horribly sore, my shoulders, arms, back and legs (and my throat because of screaming so much, haha) so I gave myself a day to rest. Luckily during race days I could keep up eating clean – which meant tons of oatmeal, bananas and granola bars and unbelievable amounts of water – so I don’t have to feel guilty. I’m not a fan of “rewarding ourself with bad foods” so I’ll keep this up now too -though I let myself snack on some extre peanut butter- so I got some sushi for lunch today, yum yum!

Anyways, starting tomorrow I will be back to being active, starting with going swimming in the morning and then gym in the evening. I can’t wait, it was so bad foring myself having a rest from gym, so I’m sure it will be awesome to be back. Wonder what should I start with again hmmm.. I guess this championship weekend screwed up my schedule again.. Nevermind!


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