Back on my own bike!

My plane landed in Vienna at 6 am this morning after a 13 hour flight – I’m officially back from gorgeous Taiwan. We had to separate with my significant other, which makes every minute painfully heart-wretching but at least my beautiful Budapest compensates a little bit. No rain and ugly clouds here but lovely dry heat and sunshine! ☀


So since I got a pretty good sleep on the plane and fueled up with all the fruits and healthy goodies waiting for me at home (my parents shamelessly spoil me now, seriously) I decided to convince me dad to go for a light bike ride around the neighbourhood and in the park. Riding in the park again was like a flashback to my childhood first, but loved every minute of it! Now it’s time to unpack completely and rest a bit, because in a few hours I’ll go and hit the gym (have I mentioned how much I miss my gym?! Already had the pass waiting for me when I arrived, haha. Working out without him will be so sad and lonely especially first though 😦 but gym has always been like a therapy for me, help me completely turn off my mind amd only focus on what I’m doing at the moment. Hope it will work this time too!


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