Clean nom nomz!

The only thing I like about not having my mom at home is that I can cook for myself everyday. This time I feel like I got more creative than the last years and I realized I really really enjoy cooking! When I arrived home from the countryside my first thing to do was to go to the supermarket and then to the market early in the morning the next day, to stock up the fridge and the pantry with fresh and nutritious foods! Luckily there were some frozen veggies and chicken breasts waiting for me, but we all know that not nearly enough.


In the supermarket I got all the dairy stuff I needed (and a few muesli bars, I know they have some added sugar but sometimes I need a quick fix in the office during the day) but what I was actually excited about was the market. I got up at 6 am and a quick breakfast and half an hour later I was already on my way to the market. Unfortunately the range of choices is not as wide as it was in Taiwan for example, but I still like that everything is fresh, coming straight from the farms with no packaging and adding extra chemicals involved. Even though the average age was somewhere around 70 I loved walking around, checking the prices and carefully choosing my veggies. I didn’t need a lot of things (well, by myself I just physically can’t eat much) but I spent more than half an hour with just wandering around. Eventually I got a nice big cauliflower, a cute little eggplant, a bell pepper, some blueberries, bananas and a peach.

1406573690691Of course as I got home I immadiately hurried to pinterest to look up some recipes I cook whip up during the week and I found some really good ideas! Something that I had been wanting to try was mashed cauliflower and I completely fell in love with that dish now that I finally made it. I swear I will never make mashed potatoes again – I swear cauliflower tasted just as good and it is much healthier! I made some oven roasted eggplant with it which also turned out great and with this combo I proved to myself that I can actually cook a satisfying meal without meat. Who would have thought? And another awesome thing in having fresh fruits and dairy at home: healthy snacks all through the day! I am hopelessly addicted to cottage cheese (if I wanna make it creamier sometimes I add a little plain yoghurt) with fruits, berries, peach, apple, basically anything!

Névtelen-4And last but not least another thing that turned out to be awesome and I am so glad I tried was Spinach Tuna Burger Patties! It’s actually really easy: mix spinach, a can of tuna, one egg, chopped red onion (and other veggies if desired) with a little pepper and salt, make patties and fry them on a little bit of olive oil. I made two patties and well, the first one turned out to be oversized, not nice and brown enough so in a nutshell pretty ugly, but still delicious. The second one looked way better but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that. But anyways, the taste is what’s important and if you want a tasty low-carb meal I would definitely recommend this one! I ate it with a little bit of salad (well, that vitamin mix you can see in the first picture) and a whole grain bun and it turned out to be an awesome lunch! Just like the mashed cauliflower, I am sure I will make this one again plenty of times in the future too!20140728210944For Wednesday now I’m planning to make mashed or baked sweet potatoes (haven’t decided yet) with a spinach and cream cheese filled oven baked chicken – I am already so excited about it! And see? Eating clean and heatlhy is not about feeling like a goat eating greens all the time but is actually a lot of fun with variety and an amazing experience for your tastebuds too!


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