Office and fitness? Yes!

This year I have a summer like many others my age and it made me seriously think about scheduling my time and making a balance. Everybody who has a full-time job knows, that going to work, doing all the chores in the household and staying fit and healthy at the same time is everything but easy. Now that I’ve also got a little experience, I wanted to share it with you.

I think the most important thing is to be aware of the thing you want to get done, either during the day or the week. If you are a graphomaniac like me then get a piece of paper and write a list and then draw a time table you can fill. Since work time is flexible start with that and then surround it with all the other things.

For me I have to go to work at 9:45 am and I am in the office until 7 pm. I usually wake up at 6 am, make breakfast and drink my coffee – for me this really has to come first in order not to be grumpy as hell during the day. Oh and to make it even better I started making cappuccino at home – if our coffee machine can make it then why not? It’s actually really easy and makes my morning coffee a bit more exciting 🙂

Gotta love my Simon's Cat mug!
Gotta love my Simon’s Cat mug!

After that I take a shower, dress up and go to the supermarket to buy some fruits and snacks for the day. I usually buy plain 0,1 % fat yoghurt, cottage cheese, granola bars, bananas and of course water! It used to be really hard to drink a lot of water but this week somehow it felt really easy, I drank 3-4 liters everyday! It is important to stay hydrated so I would recommend drinking more water to everyone! Especially if you’re like me: everytime I’m bored or have nothing to do, I immadiately want to eat something. Not because I’m hungry, just for the sake of eating but because I wanna do something and looove eating anyway. Oh well. Anyways, if you’re like me, drinking water everytime this feeling hits you is a good choice – reminding you you are not hungry but still doing something to make the feeling go away. And for those times you are actually a little hungry and need a little bit of energy kicks keep healthy snacks with you!

20140731_092141After coming home from the stora around 8:30 I usually start cooking for the day if I have no leftovers: cooking at home is always the healthiest option for nutrition, since you know exactly what is in your dish without any extra colorings, sugars, preservatives and so on. And I love cooking anyways so thus I kill two birds with one stone! And while the food on the stove / in the oven I have time to study for an hour. If you have ever studied Chinese you know that especially if you don’t live in a Chinese speaking environment, without studying you will forget most of what you know before you even relized! (And back to the cooking: it’s okay if you don’t feel like cooking sometimes or don’t have time because of other things to do, but then opt for healthy lunch options! For example yesterday I ordered sushi! Finnaly, I haven’t eaten sushi since I came home from Taiwan an I’ve been craving it so bad! Well, of course it wasn’t as good, but still better than I had expected!)

Salmon obsession!
Salmon obsession!

Anyways, I finish work at 7 pm, quickly go home to grab something to eat and I’m usually in the gym before 8 pm for a one or one and a half hour workout. Nowadays I try to always run at least just 2 km before doing weights, because sitting on my butt the whole day in the office actually scares me a bit regarding my level of fitness and I’m afraid strength training wouldn’t be enough to outbalance that. Actually if I really wanted to, I could go for a run in the mornings too (I live right next to the city park, no time for that is not an excuse since it only takes alltogether 30 minutes to run and then walk home as a cooldown) but I’m usually way too lazy and not in the mood to do that – so I leave it for the weekend. Like today, I had my breakfast and was looking out the window, saw the sunshine as the sun was just coming up and suddently felt like running so at 7 am I was already on the streets, running. Actually it really is not that bad if I am in the mood, haha!

Who wouldn't like running at a place like that?
Who wouldn’t like running at a place like that?

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