Don’t be too hard on yourself

I think I am not the only one who sometimes just really has no power left to go to the gym – it’s already too late, too dark, too cold and you’ve just had a day way too long. Unfortunately it has happened to me pretty often in the last two months. It’s winter time that often means -10°C over here, I’m studying 5 hours in the morning for my exams, cook lunch and prepare everything then go to work. By the end of the day -especially when I still have other things to take care of after finishing in the office- sometimes all I really want and feel I can do is to go home, take a shower, cozy up under the blanket with a book, then sleep.


But whenever this happens, it’s always accopanied by pricking guilt knowing that I had all my gym stuff with me yet I still could do it. Depending on my mood, sometimes I can really hate myself because of it. I would call myself a lazy bastard even though every piece of my body ‘confirms’ my decision.


When this period started, I got perceptibly grumpy, annoyed and actually – even more tired. Only then I realized what I had been doing was all wrong. I just shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Yes, I skipped gym two-three times a week – but I still went and did my best 4-5 times. Not that bad, if I think about it. I still never skipped leg day, had time to do at least back, arms and shoulders everyweek and ran around 8k weekly. There are periods in your life, when you do need that extra rest. I’m not talking about shutting working out as it is, because I still assert that it’s incredibly important to have the balance of the mental and physical efforts in these times. But everybody should always listen to their bodies. Trust me, your body knows better. There is no point in being overly exhausted, going to the gym and not being able to do your best, having a shitty workout with no energy whatsoever. Sticak to at least 3-4 times a week and do the most important trainings – but if you don’t have time and energy to go more, forgive yourself until this period lasts, and try to get the best out of that rest.

Once I stopped stressing so much about it, I started feeling much better. I really got the most out of these evenings, -sometimes even did a little workout at home-, and instead of still feeling fatigued, I’ve been feeling more relaxed, well resting and fully energetic for the next day- when usually I do go to the gym and have an awesome workout!

You can say, these are excuses, and that a bad workout is still better than no workout – but I know this is only a temporary state and I feel good this way. I’m still working hard, but I will have more time to work on my body more intensively after my exams. But my teachers won’t let me pass and give me good grades if I skip on studying now, even if I am super fit and ran 5k more.


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