Trust me, it’s worth it

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed. It feels just too much, too tiring. Saying no to programs, because you either have to stay in to study, or wouldn’t have time to gym after work. Waking up at 6 am every signle day, no lazy weekends, no slacking off during the holidays. Only wanting to finally read a book of your choice, just a novel finally – but you can’t because the books for school are still piling up on your desk. Being so tired mentally by the end of the day that you feel like all you can do is take a shower and just sleep.

YesyoucanYes, hard work is overwhelming and tiring. It requries sacrifice and discipline, but trust me: it’s worth it. There is nothing better than the feeling when hard work pays off. When you go to an exam, knowing you are well prepared and worked for it – and getting a good grade not because you were lucky, but because you really did know everything. Getting a good grade knowing you deserved it. I did it today. I aced my most important exam, and I knew how much effort I put into it. No I-was-just-lucky guilt, no could-have-done-better feeling. Just pure joy. Because I showed the professor that even if everybody is scared, even is a lot of people fail, I hadn’t got afraid and that I cann do it. But most important of all: I proved it to myself.


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