Pretend it’s not cold outside

586a7d895d117cf0c4e220514491f08cI can’t even properly describe, how bad I’m looking forward to sping with at least 15°C and sunshine. When it’s already bright outside when you wake up and actually feel motivated and energized right away. Not like in the winter when it’s cold and dark and makes me want to turn to my other side and just stay in the bed. I hate those dark days so much that I can really appreciate those few lucky sunny days like today. When I look out the window and see sunshine suddenly everything changes, I feel overflowing energy and just want to immadiately do something productive. Actually, seeing sunshine usually makes me want to get out there and run.

BUDweather0115Winter sunshine is pretty tricky though. There were times in the last few feeks when I so sunshine, got excited but then I checked and it was MINUS 8 degrees. Instant disappointment, I ended up curled up at my desk with a huge cup of hot tea, not even wanting to think about going outside at all. Today is a bit better. In the last month or two I started trying to run outside in the winter to see my boundaries. I found that 10°C is actually really good for running with proper clothes 5-6°C… well, I can’t run much, but I can do around 3k which is more than nothing and when I have that ‘I gotta go outdoors’ feeling this temperature can’t stop me now at least. Another personal improvement for me!

50ea3a5cc74eac28463ee9a9fe9554b6So I would really encourage all of you to try to push your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone because if you do, step by step you can achieve amazing things – and will not regret it for sure! Maybe I only ran 3k today, but it adds up making it 20 km in January so far, which is already more than what I did in the whole month in October. Appreaciate the small victories and never stop trying. Dedication is the key.


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