Words of strength

Sometimes the smallest things can give you the biggest strength and comfort. One of the most annoying things happened to me that you can imagine at the gym. I was running on the treadmill and after I started to get tired, I checked my distance to see where I am. (I usually run while my towel is covering the screen, somehow not seeing the time and distance makes it easier for me.) The screen showed 5.62 km. That’s not bad – I thought. But I also knew that I can do more, both mentally and physically, so I decided to go until at least 6k and then maybe until 7 or 8. BUT.

As I wanted to put my towel back on the screen I accidentally pushed the emergency stop button. The treadmill stopped immadiately deleting all the data of my run. I shouted ‘NOOOO’ out loud and just felt so mad! I had no idea of my time and the calories burned and stopping like this really put me off and I just couldn’t start running again ‘to finish’. I know it’s stupid but that wouldn’t have felt like really finishing it and seeing 00:00 on the screen was just so demotivating.

I saw that someone was waiting for a free treadmill so I just quickly cleaned and left mine and just went to stretch. As everytime when something upsets me, I messaged him to talk about it. Even just seeing a ‘hey, it’s okay, you did a great job’ message makes me feel a bit better usually, but this time it was different. I was complaining of the machine deleting all my data and he said:

“Well, good that your body didn’t delete it”

And it made me realize how unreasonable I was. Yes, I lost the data of the time and calories, so what? When I monthly summarize my runs I do it considering the distance, which I have. Yes, I could have run one or two extra kilometers. So what? Tomorrow is another day, I’ll have plenty of opportunites to run – and anyways, 5.5k is not that bad. AND actually it is my fault that I didn’t continue so I could just as well stop blaming it on the treadmill and its emergency stop button.

I realized that I shouldn’t get caught up in the situation, in a sudden feeling of anger – but rather stop for a minute, look at it from a few steps away. To think of and appreciate what I did accomplish instead of thinking about what I could have. And most importantly I feel really lucky to have him to remind me of that. My biggest support and my biggest motivation.


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