Variations for oatmeal

The thing I love in oatmeal is that you can just rely on your creativity and prepare it in hundreds of different ways – depending on how you feel that day, what you have at home, and it’s really hard to get it wrong. Nowadays I’m just too lazy to start cooking oats in the morning (well, probably just too tired) so I either prepare overnight oats (e.g. in that cream I just posted the other day) or cook it the night after, put it in the fridge and just heat it up in the morning. That’s what I did today and now I just can’t wait to wake up and eat my breakfast tomorrow! So here is my creation of the day:

oatmealwalnutbananaI cooked the steel cut oats in milk, so it’s more creamy and added:

  • banana slices
  • Saudi dates
  • coconut flakes
  • vanilla extract
  • walnuts

It was so hard to resist, it smelled so divine! But I was strong so now all I have to do is get a good night sleep and wake up energized to get this little box of awesomness.


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