Supplements – a little boost for the summer

I believe that bikini bodies are made in the winter, so I’ve been training just as hard, but I decided to spice it up a little bit and give a boost to my summer body with an increased amount of cardio and some supplements on the way. I don’t believe in magic pills that say you will look good if you take them – but I do believe in the commonly accepted supplements that help with the results if you work hard enough for it.

132593In my country Scitec and BiotechUSA are the most prestigious and reliable brands. I chose Scitec because I found that their products are better quality and their protein shakes taste better too – BiotechUSA proteins felt a bit watery for me. So here is my list of the things I find essential in order to get in shape and keep your body healhty:

  1. Multivitamins – I can’t stress enough how important vitamins are for your body, especially for those who exercise regularly
  2. Glucosamine – bad knee runs in the family and I had a tendency for wrist ache so I decided I would start taking something for my joints before anything serious happened. Glucosamine is the most basic supplement for joint protection, you could choose anything else, but I would still highly recomment paying special attention on joints.
  3. Omega 3 /fish oil/ – especially for women, Omega 3, as a healthy and important fatty acid is essential. It helps with the functioning of the heart and is also good for your eyes. So get your daily fish oil ladies!
  4. L-Carnitine – for fat burning. I was suspicious for a long time with these fat burning products, but when we learnt about supplements at the personal trainer course I took I understood how they actually work. L-Carnitine helps with the transportation of fat and thus gives a boost for your workout. They recommend taking about 1000mg 30-60 mins prior to workout. First I bought 500mg capsules, I wanted to try if 500mg was enough too, but I found that at least 1000mg is really better. I sweat as hell though normally I don’t get sweaty as easily. And I’m seeing results faster than usually. Luckily for me it’s not so hard to get rid of extra fat if I keep a strict diet and run, but it really helped a lot. Now I bought liquid form of L-Carnitine with 1000mg in one portion that you have to drink solved in water also 30 mins before training. I’ll see how it is so I can settle on either the capsules or the liquid form.
  5. Aminos – it may sound funny but after starting L-Carnitine and running more (~15km a week) I saw my little excess fat disappear but I also felt my butt getting flatter. Leg days are my favourite and I’m obsessed with a nice round butt so I got desperate and wanted to do something about it. Now I’m doing two leg days a week if I can and swapped my warmup run for steps machine most of the times. But I knew that wouldn’t be enough probably so I decided to buy aminos to help me not to burn my muscles and improve more. It also gave me motivation to work extra hard during my weight traning sessions – right now I’m sore as hell in my upper body, my back, my shoulders, my arms.. but this is such a glorious feeling, I love it!

I am also trying to alter my workouts every 3-4 weeks. First of all, so I won’t get bored of them and secondly because your muscles need impulses from different angles and in different ways in order to properly improve and grow. I got some inspiration from the Elite Body Trainer program I found on, though I usually alter them to fit me. After training for 2.5 year I learnt what exercises are the best for my body and how I can put together a workout routine that suits personally me and this gives me the capability to design and form my own workouts. It’s actually a quite exciting process, I love experimenting with them!

128124Anyways, I hope you are enjoying your workouts and being fit and active just as much as I do guys! It should be something fun that you should do in order to feel good and not a burden that you have to force yourself to do. Try to find the exercise that fits you and you enjoy the most – may it be gym, yoga, running, climbing or anything else. More on the other important aspects of getting that bikini body (overall lifestyle and nutrition) later. Have a happy and fit day!


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