A little boost for the summer II. – Nutrition

As the saying goes: abs are made in the kitchen and as we all know it’s 90% diet and 10% gym. Well, a summer shape and body is not abs only, but in order to shred for the season and to get a nice and tones body extra attention on nutrition is crucial. So especially in these months (starting from mid-February) I like to put more time and effort in my diet.

1426926879417What does it mean exactly? No pasta (only rice noodles occasionally), no sweets (not even the occasional tiiiny pieces of chocolate), a little less rice, more salads, more veggies, lots of chicken, tuna and salmon, lots of oatmeal – mostly in kefir and not yoghurt, fruits of course (including more grapefruit!).

IMG_20150314_185224I’m still eating five or six times a day and when I get hungry I always try to go for a healthier option than I normally would. For example instead of just a plain sandwich or ham&eggs, I usually make scrambled eggs with lots of veggies – bell pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and celery – and of course whole grain rye bread.

IMG_20150312_171035Or in the evening either my favourite cottage cheese cream with protein powder and some raisins, or granola in either low fat plain yoghurt or kefir. I usually eat my last meal around 6 pm and try not to eat afterwards, just drink lots of water of green tea (for me it doesn’t really have any impact on sleep). For a lot of people that might be hard, because you still get hungry after 3-4 hourse, but since I go to bed crazily early, for me it’s okay.

Névtelen-1And of course one of the most important part of being healthy: meal prep. With my food boxed up with me, I don’t have to spend on buying lunch during the day and I always know exactly what’s in my food and I don’t have to worry that what I’m eating is not healthy enough. We have a huge collection of these boxes, but this one on the picture is my new favourite now! It is actually one box separated into different compartments. Originally it is for salad but I usually put my lunch (veggies/rice + chicken) in the bottom part and some snacks for the upper one. Here I only put plain uncooked oats because I took some kefir with me that I just had to pour in it when I wanted to eat it. So practical!1426926857095Or some of the oat cookies I made (so simple, I might post the recipe next time I make them) in one half and cottage cheese+yoghurt with a handful of raisins in the other. I was afraid that it would somehow spill in my bag between the compartments but it actually survived just fine.

Anyways, I really believe that it’s worth the time and the effort spent with preparing your meals in advance and boxing them up so you can take it with you. Yes, it is a bit annyoing that I usually have to carry around an extra bag just for my food, but I think this is a sacrifice that I am willing to make in order to get closer and closer to my goal everyday.


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