A little boost for the summer III. – Lifestyle

Well, this is not actually helping with the shredding part, but if you really want to live healhty and be serious about fitness, your lifestyle is essential.

dd6dbf81f360526ab985edd0bb6a2fe8I wrote this quote on the very fist page of my workout journal because I think it pretty much sums up everything. If you want to be healthy and look your best you just simply have to follow these rules. Training is obvious for most people and the more motivated get to the nutrition part too. BUT it is really important to get a good night sleep and overall a balanced lifestyle.

17b74c4a12700367640c74c7c576b4d7I know it might be easier said than done, with a job that’s stressful and takes up a lot of your time but for your own sake you have to try to pay more attention on you. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and as much as you can before midnight. There are studies that show that those hours when you sleep before midnight, when it’s already/still dark outside are the most valuable. A lot of people say that they just can’t fall asleep early even if they go to bed, but if you keep trying, your body will get used to it. And trust me, if you go to bed at 10 pm, getting up at 6 am won’t be such a horrible experience anymore. Actually recently I’ve had days when I was so tired at the end of the day both physically and mentally that I fell alseep around 9 pm – and the next day I woke up at 5:40 (!!!) all by myself and I felt so fresh as if I drank my coffee already. Listen to your body, if you are tired just go to sleep earlier, try to wake up in time and get that work done in the morning instead. Your body will appreciate it, trust me!

3d95fc5b70e309f5d252a29cab000901But as I said it’s a question of your overall lifestyle which isn’t done with 8 hours of sleep. Try not to let the stress from work affect you at home, try to pay more attention to your friends and family instead and spend some quality time together. Try to spend more time with your hobby and engage in active ways of resting! For example photography is one of my hobbies and I just love to grab my camera and go for long walks around the city, just wandering around for hours snapping random pictures of streets, buildings, people. Being active is not just working out at the gym but walking, biking, swimming in your freetime, just for fun. Sometimes doing other sports than your usualy is actually a good way to rest. I believe that we need this kinda active resting in order to feel really good and to be healthy – and not overly obsessed about training and ending up just stressing about that too much too.


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