New Moleskine workout journal!

When I was taking that personal trainer course last semester, we were required to keep a workout journal with a very detailed describtion of all our workouts. I usually can’t keep up with keeping so detailed track of my workouts but for those few months I started to enjoy it. I realized that it doesn’t have to be just a compulsory thing – so I made it my own project, something that inspires and motivates me.

That’s how my old workout journal looks like. I took a BMDM notebook (a brand in HK, unfortunately I haven’t seen it in Europe so far) and decorated it with inspiring images I printed at home. I also wrote my favourite quote on the first page and sometimes randomly later too – some in English, some in Chinese, whatever I found apt at the moment. It really made keeping this journal fun! The thing that I actually liked is that I could keep track of my achievements – for example the distance of my runs. That’s how I could record my personal record distance (which was 9k) and also my monthly overall running distances. I liked seeing how I improved and that I could compare my distances and times with the ones months before. (For me keeping track of the exact exercises and the weights wasn’t so informative now, because I have my workouts in my head and I’m not really going for lifting weights that much heavier, since my goal is just to be toned, so…)

Anyways, I stopped writing the journal around February and by now I kinda started missing it. I keep track of my workouts in general in my planner (back+biceps, cardio+abs, etc), and also the running distances but that just didn’t feel enough. So I decided to get a new journal!

I chose this pretty little white Moleskine notebook, and I’m in love with it already! I wanted something that is classy, easy to handle, something I can take with me and that has good quality paper – it was obvious I was getting a Moleskine. I like how the paper is not too thick yet still the ink doesn’t bleed through and I find the tradition of putting the history of Moleskine in the internal expandable pocket lovely.

Oh and it even has traditional Chinese, so something new to help me practice the language! Anyhow, I think I have made a really good choice and I am so excited to continue my fitness journey with this notebook! However, the content will be a bit different from my previous one. I decided to ditch the detailed workout describtions except for those times when I have a reason to write down one of them. I will however keep track of my runs: distance, time, calories burnt. I will have a page for every month so I can summarize and note the overall monthly distance down. Starting from January, 2015 so it will feel more complete.

Apart from the running journal part I want to write quotes that I like or find apt for the day and just my thoughts and achievements – like the first chin up I have ever managed to do without help last Sunday! I just want to keep myself motivated and collect all the happy fitness moments! I am also planning to print motivational pictures, or maybe photos of my own and glue them in to make it a bit more colorful and interesting. I can’t wait to fill this journal! Do you guys have one or plan to get one soon? What size and format do you prefer? I would love to see yours too!

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