Buying a new running watch!

I was scrolling through tumblr this morning before leaving to gym and I bumped into this picture, which reminded me of how I’ve been trying to decide what kind of running watch I should buy – for at least months!

Actually originally I wanted to buy a Polar watch for the heart rate monitoring, but then I realized that this function is actually not as important for me as counting the distance is. Now I’m always running with my phone, using the Mapmyfitness app (I used Nike before, but after a while it always killed my phone so I had to change) but it’s been bothering me a little bit. I like running without holding anything, and I don’t really like the arm bands, so I would love to have a watch that measures my time and distance. Also, if I wanna see my time on the phone I have to unlock the screen – which is not so easy using my pattern, during running.

Anyways, after seeing that picture today I looked up the Nike + Sportwatch. I actually really liked it, but it seemed a bit too big on the wrist and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit well (I have really small wrists) or that it would be uncomfortable. And that’s when I found TomTom, the company that actually provided the technology for the Nike watch. Their design is a bit slimmer, and the watch has more options and programs in the menu too. I have been reading lots of comparing reviews today and I think I will stick with the TomTom Runner. Not with the heart rate monitor strap as on the picture, but I want this grey and pink color and they didn’t have this colour on the website for Runner. However, I found it on Amazon for $129 in this colour with free shipping, so…

Well I will have to wait until I get my salary, so I still have time to think about it, but the more I read about TomTom Runner, the more I fall in love with it! I’m so excited already!

Does any of you use TomTom? Or maybe the Nike+ Sportwatch? Tell me what you use and like in your watch, I would love to hear your opinions!


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