Banana oat protein smoothie

When I got home from the gym this evening, I realized the fridge was almost completely empty – not even milk or eggs- but I wanted to eat something filling and high in protein. I took my amonis after my workout so I wan’t worrying that much about my muscles but still. I was getting really hungry so I needed something quick. I decided to try making an oat smoothie that I’ve heard about so many times.

I’ve been thinking about adding more ingredients, like greek yoghurt or peanut butter but for the first time I wanted it to be simple. So basically this was it: uncooked rolled oats, a small/medium banana, one packet vanilla 100% whey protein and 300ml water.

I just threw everything into the mixer – and voilá! It made two glasses of smoothie, and even though I used water and not even milk, it was nice and creamy! I drank both glasses -it happened about two hours ago- and I still feel full. It was sweet enough without any additional sweetener and still clean and healthy! Perfect meal on the go, I think I will make this a lot, especially on busy summer days.


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