Home workout fail

This morning I started studying a 7 am, but all I could actually think of was that I wanna do something active before heading to the office. I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to warm up, go for a run, stretch and take a shower so I decided that as a study break I would just do some workout as home – just abs and light weight exercises (I have a pair of 4 kg dumbbells at home) Well… she thought otherwise.

My cat decided that she wanted more attention then my dumbbells, so she kept disturbing me, purring so loudly that I just couldn’t ignore her. She laid on my dumbbells, sat under my legs when I was trying to do lying leg raises. It went on for like 15 minutes when I finally gave up. She won, haha. I was forced to come back to my EU Policies book and to keep waiting for gym after work in the afternoon today.


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