Windy Saturday 5k

After studying EU law for hours starting early in the morning today, I felt like a zombie and I needed to get active to freshen up my mind. Actually first I wanted to go for a bike ride, but I still have to bring it in from the stoerage unit and clean it, so I just decided to go for a run instead. The weather turned out to be pretty windy, so I’m glad I put on an extra windbreaker.

I didn’t want to run too fast, because nowadays I end up having to stop to walk a little bit sometimes even two or three times during a run, so I decided to stick to a relatively comfortable pace around 10 km/h. It was a good decision because I didn’t even think about stopping (except for crossroads haha) and I actually felt energized still at the end. When I saw that I’m close to the end I did a little sprint -which I cropped from the stats because it extended into the newt split already.

But the sprint at the end and the run overall felt really good! I was listening to that running playlist I posted a little while ago for the first time actually and it helped a lot! I’m used to listening to these songs, but in othet playlists, and I always expect a song coming up after them, but this new playlist spiced it up a little bit, haha! I really think I chose the songs well, each one of them gave me a little bit of extra power, a little boost! I’m still thinking about whether I should go today to the gym too, but since my back, biceps and shoulders are still pretty sore from my workouts yesterday and the day before maybe I’ll call it a day and content myself with this run.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything active or is this the time for resting?

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