Saturday mini hike

My weekend plans got cancelled, but I still wanted to do something before gym on Satuday, and since the weather was awesome, I convinced my mom to get out of the apartment, so we went on a mini hike! I say mini hike, because it’s basically just a bigger hill in the city and it … More Saturday mini hike

Morning runs

I absolutely love spring – as I have already told you many times. I have more and more days when I go for an early morning run before school or work, and I feel so energized afterwards! These are still not my main workouts, apart from these runs, I still go to the gym in … More Morning runs

Just a little update

Sorry guys for being a bit inactive this past week, but I was pretty busy. There is a social movement going on here – our government is trying to cancel majors and take away the autonomy of the universities here. We decided we won’t let them so the past few ways were spent with organizing … More Just a little update

Sunday hiking!

I was so excited for this hike. We’ve been planning it for about a week and the weather seemed perfect too. So in the morning I prepared our food for the trip: sandwiches made of whole grain buns with chicken breast ham banana and apples home made trail mix a big bottle of water for … More Sunday hiking!