March running summary

Since I started running more and keeping track of it, I improved every month. Regarding the overall distance run in a month, I’ve been breaking my own records every month. And this is such an amazing feeling. The feeling that I improved and can do something that my body just couldn’t do before was the feeling in the first place that got me hooked on gym, and now it’s motivating me for running!

IMG_20150402_071615My overall distance for March was 42 km (huge respect to the marathon runners who run the amount I do in a month, at once!) that is about 4 km more than in February. I didn’t run distances as long as in February (back then I did 8k two times, now my average distance was 5k) but I ran more often and since the weather was better I could finally run outdoors! Can’t wait for the weather to be even better so I can go for a run in the park in the morning and then gym in the evening.

tumblr_nlxz3vM33Q1tt6aw9o1_500However, I really can’t stop now – new month, new opportunity to beat myself again! To kickstart April, yesterday I ran in the gym and started the month with 6 km! Then I did 20 mins of stretching and another 20 mins of abs! It felt really good, though after that and my leg day on Monday I can’t even think about engaging my lower body today! So today is going to be back and biceps, and recovery for my legs so I can run again maybe on Friday.


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