Meal timing

Timing and choosing your meals properly before training is crucial. Even though I know I always fall into the mistake of “oh, it’ll do” and eat too soon, too late, too little or too much. Of course everybody has a different digestion so the time and food appropriate for your workout might differ from others, but once you figured out how your body works, you should respect that and keep it in mind!

73ecb44129511a0efaa15b79580f9f78Today I ate cream spinach for lunch around noon and at 3 pm (about one hour before leaving to the gym) I ate a banana and a cup of kefir thinking that would be enough. For a rest day maybe, but not before a workout. As I mentioned earlier this week I planned running again today, but with this much energy I only lasted 3k and just couldn’t do it anymore. I felt really week and I was afraid it could be actually dangerous on the treadmill, so I decided to chose the bike instead for an additional 20 minutes.


Usually if I wanna run, I need to have a proper, but not too heavy meal 1.5-2 hours before in order to have enough energy – but I can’t eat one hour before otherwise my side starts aching and sometimes it gets so bad I can’t stand up straight for like five minutes. I also found that for me it’s not good to eat much right after a heavy run, maybe just a banana, otherwise I will just feel sick.

If I have a weight lifting session having the right amount of food with enough protein and carbs is crucial 1-2 hours prior to the workout. Otherwise I won’t be able to lift as much as I actually can and get tired before finishing everything I planned for the day. However, after lifting heavy, even though I ate properly before, I’m usually really hungry when I finish. So I either drink a protein shake after changing, still in the gym, or wait until I get home and cook a big bowl of oatmeal.

Anyways, planning your meals and adjusting them to your workouts is really important. It’s not just that ‘abs are 10% gym and 90% diet’ but even if you’re shredding or getting in shape for the summer, never forget that food is what fuels you and without proper nutrition the efficiency of your workout will be much lower than it could be. So try to find out what foods your body likes the most and when and then plan accordingly!


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