Bio Juice Bar

Today I’m going to the gym with a friend in the afternoon, but I just couldn’t sit inside the apartment in the morning. The sun was shining, though it was still too cold to go running or biking so I decided to go to the city centre to look for a bio store and juice bar I read about a couple of days ago.

IMG_20150404_104527I started with a juice bar and got a cup of green smoothie – for less than 2$! Their base has:

  • greens of the season,
  • celery,
  • apple,
  • banana,
  • lemon,
  • ginger

…and then you can chose a lot of other add-ins (also super cheap!). I ordered the base with added goji berries. For me it tasted a bit “too green”, I would have put more fruits but overall I still liked it. It was really refreshing and tasty. There were benches right in front of the shop so I just sat down outside and enjoyed the smoothie and the sunshine!

IMG_20150404_105207After finishing the smoothie I went to the bio store part -oh my, they really have everything healhty! They have lots of different grains and seeds (three times as much as you see on the picture) that you can measure out for yourself, but they also have fresh veggies, nuts, healhty flours, sugar substitutes, organic coffee, hundreds of different tea, and they even have some organic raw sweets and bars!

IMG_20150404_105511I didn’t buy anything now but I was looking around for at least 20 minutes in the otherwise little store. Good to know about this little jewel in the heart of the city, now if I wanna cook or bake something that needs a bit more special healthy ingredient, I know where to go!

Where do you usually buy these things? Do you shop online or have your favourite whole food shop / market?


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