Killer Leg Workout

Today is Monday which means leg day for me. This is the one day in the week that is 100% fix for me, I NEVER skip and never reschedule to do another bodypart. I just love leg days!

611c0184dde580f5766f5a4e6d7d61efToday I was originally planning to do a leg workout I found on, I wrote the exercises on a little piece of paper and I successfully left it in my bag. I still remembered some parts of it, so I mixed it with some of my favourite exercises and got a workout that left me with shaking legs and being scared of having to take the stairs tomorrow.

First of all for a warm up, to increase my heart rate and help the blood circulation in my legs, I did 3 km jogging – 9 km/h, overall time was 20 mins. It was the ideal pace for warming up: it made me sweaty, my heart rate got up but I didn’t feel tired by the time I finished. Then came the workout itself:

  1. Leg extensions – 4 sets – 10 full and 10 partial reps

    This isolating exercised helped with pre-exhausting the quads so at the next exercise I could focus more on the hamstrings and glutes. I used light weight – but trust me, by the time you finish those 10 partial reps as well, your quads will be burning as hell.

  2. Barbell (plié) squat – 4 sets – 12-10 reps

    Lately I have been using relatively light weitghs for squats. First of all because we don’t have a squat rack and I don’t reall like the Smith machine, and even if I can get the heavy weight onto my shoulders, sometimes I just can’t get it down.. Oh well.. And secondly because I don’t want to build muscle mass in this area, I would like to tone my glutes, and for that I need lighter weight and higher reps.

  3. Stiff Leg Barbell Deadlift – 4 sets – 10 reps

    This is my absolute favourite hamstring exercise. I have been doing this for about two months now, and after the first time I tried, my hamstrings were sore for almost 4 days. You just have to pay attention to correct form: knees slightly bent and not moving, back straight and you should be lookin forward!

  4. Smith machine squat – 3 sets – 15 reps

    As I just said I don’t really like using the smith machine for squats, but the exercise video remindid me that I haven’t done it in a long time so I just gave it a shot today. They recommended doing it in a superset with calf raises but this machine made weird noises when I did the calf raises so I just stopped. The squats were good though, since my posture and form is a bit different then at my plié squats, I managed to work the glutes from a different angle which is always important.

  5.  {TRISET} – 3 sets
    1) Single-leg leg press – 10 reps each leg
    -adjust weight-
    2) Leg press – 10 reps
    3) Calf raises – 12-15 reps

    You will definitely feel your legs shaking already after finishing up these trisets! (Note: since doing trisets is obviously more exhausting for your muscles, keep longer rests between sets!) But I don’t like to stop just after I feel my legs shaking, I like to give it an exra burn at the end! Therefore…

  6. Balanced lunges – 3 sets – 10 reps each leg

    This is a killer exercise! You can grab dumbbells if you want but at the end of my workout I was happy I could do it even without. The basic idea (as seen on the picture below) is that you put one of your feet up on a bench, jump a bit forward with the other foot, and do a squat/lunge in this position. If you want to do a more advanced version, try putting your foot on a stability ball instead of a steady bench. That will force you to balance yourself and just by keeping the balance you will engage a lot of your smaller muscles you probably didn’t even know existed.

Sorry for the small picture, but this is the best I could find now
Sorry for the small picture, but this is the best I could find now

After finishing up I did a proper 15 minutes of stretching and took my aminos. I waited with eating until I got home and I will go to bed early today to make sure my muscles will get good quality sleep for recovery! I got so tired after this workout actually that I already feel like going to bed, though it is only 6 pm yet.


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